Iranian Export Company

Negah Sabz Group is one of the most reliable trading companies in Iran and Mashhad, which has been engaged in the export and import of goods for more than 20 years.

Shadiar Products

Shadiar Trading Company, under the brand name "Shadiar", offers a wide range of high-quality food products that are mainly exported to various countries. Some of Shadiar's prominent products include:

Iranian tomato paste

The use of tomato paste, which is one of the main tomato products, is very common in Iran. In addition to good taste, tomato paste is easy to store. In this way, it remains in the canned state for months with the same original taste and properties. On the one hand, the presence of some salt increases the resistance against the growth of mushrooms in the paste compared to tomatoes. Due to the higher quality of summer products and the better flavor of this season's products, converting tomatoes of this season helps to have the flavor of summer products in other seasons of the year. Except for Iran, it is very common to use tomato paste in different ways in different countries. It is mainly used in other countries like Iran as a flavoring and seasoning in foods. Until now, the main export of Iran's tomato paste has been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia respectively. It should be noted that the standard concentration of the paste used in different countries is different. Therefore, the paste must be prepared according to the standards of the destination country so that it can establish its market in that country.

Iranian Pasta

Pasta is one of the most popular and popular food products around the world, which is made from wheat germ or other flour. Exporting pasta is an attractive opportunity for food industry businesses that can help expand their activities in international markets. The main export destinations of Iran's pasta have been Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and African countries.