About Us

PayamTejarat Negahe Sabz International Trading Group

Registration No.: 62435

Some activities of PayamTejarat Negahe Sabz International Commercial Company are as follows:

  • Producing and packaging Khorasan province’s organic saffron with Shadiar trademark, exporting to United Arab Emirates, Iraq, China, Hong Kong, Australia, European countries, Canada and U.S.;
  • Sorting and packaging fruits and cucurbits and exporting to central Asian countries, Russia, Iraq, Persian gulf countries; providing, sorting and packaging dates including mazafati, payaram, and kloteh cultivars to export to more than 20 countries depending on market demand;
  • Importing goods from European countries, China, United Arab Emirates, and other countries; using the experienced experts for exporting 80 products including the below products to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, UAE, Russia, China, EU countries, Canada:
  • Foodstuff: tea, spaghetti, chocolate, cake and biscuit, tomato paste, egg, sugary sweetmeat, dates, raisins, vegetable oil, saffron, juice, milk powder, pistachio,

Detergents and cosmetic products: washing powder, soap, vaseline,  hand and face creams, shampoo;

Cellulose materials: sanitary pads and baby diaper

Building materials: ceramics and tiles, cement, bituminous waterproofing membrane, paint, wood glue, flush tank

Petrochemical material: Granules in various grades for industrial applications such asPET, polyethylene ,polypropylene(LIDPE,LDPE,HDPE) and so on