Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates

According to statistics, Iran is the second exporter of dates in the world after Saudi Arabia. Consumers in different countries express their satisfaction with the quality of Iranian dates in addition to the variety. In addition, Iranian dates have many customers from America to Europe and even Asia. Negeh Sabze company proudly serves producers and dear customers with more than 20 years of experience in packing and sending dates to neighboring countries. Today, a suitable market has been created for Iranian dates in target countries such as Russia.
Iran has a fertile land and a suitable climate for growing dates. The best types of dates in the world grow in the south and east of Iran. Such as: Mozafati, Majol, Zahedi, Kab Kab, Kloteh, Pyaram, Shahani, Rabi and many others, each of which has a different taste, color and shape, which has made Iran one of the major suppliers of dates in the world.
With its long history, Peyam Tejarat Negeh Sabz Group was able to become one of the successful Iranian companies in the field of exporting dates and its products.
In order to maintain the quality and improve the storage conditions of dates, agriculture and other export goods, Payam Tejarat Negeh Sabz Company has special warehouses suitable for storing these types of products. The export products of Negah Sabz company are provided with two export brands "Shadyar" and "Sun Cryz". This company exports all kinds of dates with the best quality and packaging to far and near countries outside of Iran.

Dates are exported by date export companies such as Negah Sabz. The best countries for exporting dates are neighboring countries, Europe, Russia, America. The main date export customers are sensitive about date export licenses. Accurate statistics of Iran's date export cannot be provided, but Iran's date export in the world has always had a large share in the global date export market.
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  • Hamid

    In my opinion, Iranian dates are the best dates in the world, especially Mozafati dates or Bam dates

    Monday 11 January 1402
    • admin answers to Hamid

      Thank you for your message, yes, it is true, our company exports the best quality products of Bam and Kerman gardens with two brands, Shadiar and Suncreez, to different countries.

      Monday 11 January 1402

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