Powdered milk

Powdered milk

Milk powder or milk powder is a product of milk, during which the milk is evaporated and turns into a dry substance. The purpose of producing milk powder is to preserve it better, the useful life of milk powder is much longer than liquid milk and due to the low humidity, it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Another goal of milk powder production is to reduce its volume to save on transportation costs.

Powdered milk in Iran is usually prepared by ultrafiltration method. Also, the classification of powdered milk includes the following:

skim milk powder
High-fat animal milk powder
Full fat dairy milk powder
Demineralized milk powder
Dilactose milk powder
Baby formula
Infant formula is different from industrial formula and is structurally close to human milk and does not contain lactose. Industrial powdered milk cannot be used for babies.
Due to the wide range of use of powdered milk in dairy, confectionery, etc., the demand for this type of powdered milk is increasing.

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Iran milk powder

Thanks to its suitable climate, Iran has successful livestock production and is one of the leading milk producing countries in the world.

Iran's dairy industry has a nominal production capacity of 12 million tons per year. There are approximately 650 licensed dairy production facilities throughout the country. The main dairy products exported by Iran are milk powder, cheese, yogurt and cream.

Iranian dry milk products, thanks to the high quality of natural dairy products and the technology of Iranian companies, have all the characteristics of a quality product, meet all international standards and have their supporters in the international market.

The Payamе Tejarate Negае Sabz company is proud to supply its foreign customers with high-quality dry milk and fermented milk products, such as: cream powder, whey powder, condensed milk, protein powder, confectionery dry cream, ice cream powder, fermented milk powder etc. at competitive prices.

Considering the importance of milk powder standards, we must mention that our collection has all internal and external standards related to milk powder, and if there is a need to obtain a new standard, it is fully prepared to go through the steps to obtain a special and new standard for its customers.

For consultation and placing orders, contact us at the following numbers and we will provide your order quickly and efficiently.

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