Iranian Pasta

Iranian Pasta

Pasta is one of the most popular and popular food products around the world, which is made from wheat germ or other flour. Exporting pasta is an attractive opportunity for food industry businesses that can help expand their activities in international markets. The main export destinations of Iran's pasta have been Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and African countries.

The state of the pasta market in the world:

Valuable Global Market: The global pasta market reached a value of USD 25 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow to USD 30 billion by 2028.

Increasing growth: The demand for pasta is increasing and this is due to various factors such as increasing population, increasing urban life and the desire to consume ready and instant foods.

Variety of tastes: Consumers around the world are looking for different types of pasta with different flavors and shapes.

Advantages of  Iranian pasta export:

Profitability: Exporting pasta can bring considerable profitability to exporters.

Creation of employment: The export of this product leads to the prosperity of businesses and creation of employment in various sectors including production, transportation and marketing.

Introduction of Iranian brand: Exporting pasta is an opportunity to introduce Iranian brands and improve Iran's position in international markets.

The most important target markets for pasta exports:
Europe: The largest pasta market in the world with a high demand for different types of high quality pasta.

North America: A large and growing market for pasta with a desire to consume new and varied flavors.

Asia: A market with a high population and growing demand for pasta due to a growing middle class.

Challenges of Iranian pasta export:

Intense competition: The competition in the global pasta markets is very intense and Iranian exporters have to compete with powerful competitors from all over the world to attract customers.
Regulations and standards: Every country has its own laws and standards for importing food, and exporters must be aware of these laws and standards and produce their products in accordance with them.
Shipping: Shipping pasta long distances can be challenging and expensive.
Solutions for success in pasta export:
Conduct market research: Before entering any market, conduct comprehensive research on consumer needs and preferences, laws and regulations, and competitors.

Providing quality products: Quality is the most important success factor in any market. To export pasta, you must provide high quality products, good taste and suitable packaging to consumers.

Appropriate pricing: set a price for your products that is competitive and profitable for you.

Marketing and Advertising: Do effective marketing and advertising to introduce your products to consumers in target markets.

Attending international exhibitions: Attending international exhibitions is a good opportunity to introduce your products to buyers and establish relationships with new business partners.

Using the services of trading companies: To facilitate the export process and pass legal and customs barriers, you can use the services of trading companies with experience in the field of food export.

Relying on the potentials in Iran's pasta industry and using appropriate solutions, the export of this product can be significantly increased and its benefits for the country's economy and the activists in this field can be benefited. Negah Sabz Holding has more than 20 years of experience in the field of exporting all kinds of goods to different countries, including the Persian Gulf countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, etc., and is ready to cooperate or advise those interested in this field. . Those interested can contact the central office or send a message on WhatsApp to our experts.

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