Shadiar Products

Shadiar Products

Shadiar Trading Company, under the brand name "Shadiar", offers a wide range of high-quality food products that are mainly exported to various countries. Some of Shadiar's prominent products include:

Dates: Shadiar owns the first automatic date sorting and packaging factory in eastern Iran and offers various types of dates including Mazafati, Khalas, Piarom and Rutab with high quality and diverse packaging.

Tea: Shadiar provides the finest organic Iranian tea for domestic and international consumption in various packages.

Pistachios: Shadiar exports premium quality Iranian pistachios including Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Badami and Fandghi, both loose and packaged.

Tomato Paste: Shadiar's tomato paste comes in 800g and 400g weights with high Brix, offered in glass and metal can packaging.

Yeast: Shadiar's high-quality yeast, meeting international standards, is exported to various countries.

Tahini Halva: Shadiar's Tahini Halva is made with premium ingredients and pistachio nuts, and is offered to global markets as a high-quality Iranian product.

Saffron: Shadiar packages and exports organic Iranian saffron in various forms including Sargol (pistils), Pushal (threads), and Negin (tips).

Other Products: In addition to the above, Shadiar is the exclusive representative for companies like Anata, Mino, Tak Makaron, Adrian Abbaspour, Multi Cafe, and others. They offer a variety of products from these companies to their customers.

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