Negah Sabz Co

Negah Sabz Co

Negah Sabz Trading Company is one of the reliable and active companies in the field of trade and export and import in Iran. This company is engaged in many commercial activities inside and outside the country and is known as one of the pioneers in the field of exporting Iranian products to international markets. Negah Sabz International Trade Company, with 20 years of experience in exporting Iranian products, now having sales offices in Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, is proud to cooperate with you in the field of export and import, including the activities of Surat and Date Packaging. Mozafati, Klotte, Payaram, Zahedi and Saderat. This company exports products to more than 20 different countries, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, UAE, Russia, China, European Union, and Canada.

The main activities of "Naghah Sabz" trading company include the following:

1. Export and import of all kinds of products: This company is busy in the field of export and import of all kinds of products and exports Iranian products to foreign markets such as Persian Gulf countries and European countries.
Food: tea, pasta, chocolate, cakes and biscuits, yeast, tomato paste, eggs, candied fruit, dates, raisins, oil, saffron, fruit juice, dry milk, pistachios.
Detergents and cosmetic products: washing powder, soap, vaseline, hand and face cream, shampoo, sanitary pads and baby diapers.
Building materials: ceramic tiles, cement, building stone, isogam, paint, wood glue, flash tank
Petrochemical materials: granules in different grades for industrial use, including PET, polyethylene, etc

2. *International trade*: "Naghah Sabz" company operates in the field of international trade and cooperates with other companies and organizations at the global level to export Iranian products to international markets and import other products into the country.

3. *Commercial consulting and services*: In addition to commercial activities, "Naghah Sabz" company also provides consulting and commercial services and helps companies and entrepreneurs in the field of export and import to achieve more productivity in international markets.

With its experience and expertise, this company is known as one of the reliable companies in the commercial and international trade industry in Iran and focuses on providing quality services and high customer satisfaction in relation to its customers.

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