Kalote dates

Kalote dates

Kloteh date or Kholeteh date is one of the moist or semi-moist dates of Iran and has relatively moderate juice. Dates have a soft flesh and are easily chewed in the mouth. This fruit is initially red in color and looks very similar to Mozafati dates. It also has good quality, and is one of the important commercial varieties, especially the export of Klotte dates in Iran.

Harvesting of Kloteh dates starts at the beginning of September. In fact, from the beginning of September to the end of September is considered the time of harvesting or ripening of these dates. In the southern cities of Iran, whole dates are harvested well. A large number of cultivated lands in these cities are also Kloteh dates. Apart from Jiroft, the dates of Anbar Abad region also have good quality and are considered to be one of the first class dates in general.
The palm of this date is a type of tall palm and there are many palm groves in Kerman province and especially in Jiroft region. It takes about 7 to 10 years from the time of planting to the time of fruiting. Fortunately, the product of these regions is of such high quality that it has been able to introduce itself well among domestic and foreign people and is considered one of the best-selling types of dates in Iran.
Today, whole dates are sold in many cities of Iran in different packages, and the Persian Gulf countries and some European and American countries are also considered customers of this date.

Whole dates are consumed in different ways, after washing them, they are used as snacks, appetizers, or by removing the core and preparing the dates in different ways, such as:

Cut dates
Mashed dates

The characteristics of Kholte dates

It is interesting to know that this date is also reduced in the southern cities of Iran and in many local areas where this date grows, it is also used by other names such as the date of a whole or Karite, which if you hear these names You should know that the other names of Kholte dates are the same.
Regarding the characteristics of this date palm, it is also interesting to know that the Kloteh date palm is one of the very tall trees, and in the Jiroft region of Kerman, there are many groves under the cultivation of Kloteh dates, which have a high height. It can easily find its place among people and sell well as a delicious date.
In the category of dates, Klotte date is placed between dry and wet dates, so it is part of semi-moist dates, and also the juice in the inherent structure of this date is average and neither has much juice nor is it without juice.
The size of this date varies between 2 and 4 cm depending on the type of Kloteh date, but in general, the moisture content varies between 13% and 23%, which is actually related to the type and species of Kloteh dates, because these dates come in different qualities. There are and it is interesting to know that all the dates in the market have different qualities that make them have different prices.
The peak sales of this date in the country is in the holy month of Ramadan, and due to the high demand in this month, the selling price of this date reaches the highest possible level, but in the rest of the year, it has a lower and cheaper price, which is also worth noting. is attention
Today, with the development of societies and people's conflict over life problems, as well as the increase of working hours during the day, many people may not use suitable snacks, but it is interesting to know that Kholte dates are a very suitable snack for absorbing energy and also having enough power to continue for a long time. It is day because this date has a lot of meat and also contains many minerals and organic substances, which makes the consumer get a lot of energy and substances.

Properties of Klotte dates

Whole date has a lot of minerals and iron and vitamins of group B, C and A, which is not only suitable for skin and hair health, but also for people who have physical weakness or have diseases such as anemia, internal wounds and or digestive problems are also very useful. Daily consumption of at least 3 to 5 whole dates can bring you a lot of energy.

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