1) Dates are so ancient that for thousands of years they have had a long and inexhaustible friendship with people. Dates are the first trees that people grew and for centuries, they consumed this unique product.

2) Properties and benefits of dates:
The properties of dates are so numerous that if you look at the list of their beneficial substances, be sure to add this amazing fruit to your daily diet. Dates are actually a very nutritious fruit, rich in various vitamins and minerals, which makes a great sweet snack for those who are health-conscious and want to avoid the "empty calories" of sweets.
When we talk about the benefits of dates for the body, we should start with fiber. These dietary fibers are not digested by the body and act as a natural cleanser: they activate metabolism, help the digestive system and allow toxins to be removed from the body in a timely manner. Another important point: fiber causes a feeling of satiety, which means that after eating dates a person will not feel hungry for a long time.

Dates are exceptionally rich in silicon; just 30 grams of this product can provide the required daily dose of this vital element, which is necessary for bone hardness, joint mobility, vascular elasticity, proper heart function, healthy skin, hair and nails.

Dates contain a lot of chromium, which is necessary for proper fat metabolism in the body. Chromium deficiency often leads to decreased fat burning, overweight and obesity. Another important fact is that chromium supports the functioning of the thyroid gland and plays a role in the formation of immunity.
Dates also contain many elements of vitamins A, C, PP, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Dates contain B vitamins, which are directly involved in the processes of cellular metabolism and energy metabolism. Important for the functioning of the central nervous system, brain and immune system. Without them, the normal functioning of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems is impossible.
Dry dates are also very high in calories. Every 100 grams of dried dates contains 300 calories, while fresh dates contain 280 calories. Thus, eating a few dates is approximately equivalent to a full meal.
This product is very useful for pregnant and lactating women, as it fights postpartum syndrome and improves the condition of the nervous system.
This is a unique product that can also become a healthy and tasty alternative to harmful chocolates and sweets for children.

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