White and colored white cheese powder

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Flavoring products

* Powdered traditional whey powder (white and colored)

* Juice powder (permeate) (white and colored)

* Demineralized cheese powder


Raw cheeses are collected and stored on the basis of the PH in the appropriate initial tanks after the relevant tests and qualitative confirmation and are packaged in multi-layered paper envelopes after pasteurization, homogenization, condensation and drying processes. These products comply with the licenses issued by the Ministry of Health and the Standards Organization and are classified according to the needs of the consumer in various degrees of PH and color.

Colored white cheesecakes with a pH of 5.5-8.4 are predominantly in large cereals.

White whey flavor with sour taste is used in wheat and wheat flour.

White cheeses with sweet taste and high pH are used in cake and muffins, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits and desserts as an alternative to the use of dry milk.