Preparation and export of rebar

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The rebar is aimed at strengthening the concrete inside. Rebar is produced and produced with different grades and grades of steel and in the form of ribs. Rebar joints make them more firmly embedded in the concrete and greatly reduce the chance of the concrete breaking. As we have seen so far, the role of rebar in concrete is very vital. Concrete is very strong and works well under various building pressures. However, if pressure is applied to the center of the concrete, this solid material will easily break under the applied pressure.

Another plan of rebar in concrete is to reduce the thickness of concrete. With the rebar inside the concrete, there is no need for thick pouring because the rebar strengthens the concrete so that there is no need for thick concrete anymore. Concrete that has brittle properties, by applying rebar in it, the cracking property of concrete will be reduced, while it is also easy to install. In addition, the rebar in concrete, in addition to strengthening the concrete and the structure made of concrete, also saves costs.