Oriental Waterproofing

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East Siamese:

Two-layer aluminum coated aluminum for export
It consists of a layer of polyester and a lacquered lacquer layer with aluminum lining.

Single layer aluminum coated
It consists of a layer of polyester stained with bitumen with an aluminum coating.

Group Isogum East in 1369 with the aim of producing insulation hub moisture in accordance with the standards established from the beginning by providing raw materials and full respect for the principles of quality control and enjoying the most experienced experts on the target comfort and confidence of The focus has been on the

The company has been able to rank among the best manufacturers of waterproofing materials in the world, using the existing facilities and potential as the largest waterproofing production complex in the country.

Waterproofing Waterproofing Polymers (BPP)

This product is a prefabricated, moisture-proof masonry based on polymer-modified bitumen, armed with a layer of fiberglass tufts and a non-woven polyester layer.


types of:

Moisture Insulation Polyurethane polymer modified plaster (BPP) is produced in two simple types with aluminum foil lining.

- Simple isolation is appropriate in cases where insulation is covered after installation.




This product is applicable to moisture insulation of all building surfaces including flat and steep roofs, walls, kitchens and toilets, building structures, swimming pools, waterfronts and so on.



- The raw materials used in the production of this insulation are produced in the East Siamese Collection and comply with all standards.

- Longevity and reliability of this product have been proven after many years of production in Eastern East-Factories and installed throughout the country.

- The production of this product is made up of a mixture of petroleum bitumen and plastic polymers and other additives that are tailored to the specific formulation of East Asia.


Available levels:

This product can be installed on concrete, metal, stone and brick surfaces.