Halva ardeh

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Halva ardeh

Halvah Properties and its Uses

Halva ardeh is one of the best and most nutritious foods, especially in breakfast, due to its high calorie intake to provide energy and nutrients for the body, especially the children's age group, the elderly and patients. The consumption of this nutritious and energetic foodstuff, especially in cold regions, is significant as a major source of food. In the production of this product, the proportions of the sugar-glucose mixture, the extract of Root Chubak and Ardeh (Ardeh, is an oily liquid from Seeded, roasted, and milled sesame seeds are mixed together, a solid product of emulsion of sesame oil (as sesame oil) in a mixture of sugar syrup.

Halvahdeh properties are very similar to those of sesame, providing energy to the body, increasing the learning power, improving the function of the mind, relieving the pain of the joints, treating the disorders of the liver and kidneys, helping treat and eliminating anemia, and ... the most important properties of Halvaehdeh And the benefits of taking it.


Properties Halvah Ardeh (Nature and Therapeutic Properties)

The flavors of Halvah Ardeh are warm and dry. Some of the most important therapeutic benefits of halvaeh erdeh are as follows:

- One of the most important properties of Halvah Ardeh due to its high calorie content is the supply of energy for the body, especially for children and the elderly.

- Using Halvah Ardeh at breakfast for children increases their learning ability, memory and mental performance.

- Halva ehdeh consumption helps to eliminate anemia and reduce blood iron deficiency, so it is beneficial for women and girls.

- Helvetic acid properties help to relieve and treat diseases of the bones and joints, and it is very useful for bone pain and pain relief for the joints, especially in colds.

In general, daily use of halvah in the diet is helpful for treating and relieving numbness, numbness, constipation, paralysis and low blood pressure.

- The properties of halvah in traditional medicine are the opening of strangles (blockages of different members), sputum and bouts in cold people.

- Helvetica use is helpful for patients with liver dysfunction and kidney problems, helping to treat their illness.

Halva ardeh is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, and has therefore been effective in providing essential fatty acids to humans, provided that it is well-processed and at the appropriate heating and storage conditions. They are also suitable.

Fatigue removal and recovery of lost energy are other properties of Halvah. People who are not compatible with their temperament can use halvah ore and other sesame-prepared treatments to provide calcium and zinc for the body to strengthen. And strength of bones and teeth.


The nutritional value of halvah:

The main ingredient is Halvah Ardeh Princess, Sesame. Sesame is one of the most useful sources of iron, zinc and calcium intake. Halvaeh Ardeh also contains ingredients and vitamins in sesame, contains proteins, B vitamins, vitamins A and D, Lisin, and unsaturated and saturated fatty acids such as oleic acid. Halvaehdeh compounds are Ardeh, Sugar, Chubak Root Extract, Citric Acid, Egg White, and Aromatic Ingredients including Pepper, Vanilla, and .... Sugar and ardeh are two major halvah constituents that make up about 50% of its formula.


Disadvantages of Halvah Ardeh (precautionary and contraindications):

1- Overdose in Halvah Ardeh due to the high amount of sugar in it is harmful to diabetics and should be used with caution.

2. The amount of fat and calories in the halvah is very high, so excessive consumption causes obesity and overweight, and people with blood fat should avoid taking Halva vera.

3. The body of Halvaehrdeh is warm and the excess in its consumption is not suitable for warm-tempered people, they thicken their zeros, and in some people it causes burning on their face and body.

4. The important thing about using halvah is the quality of it. If Halvah Ardeh is made entirely of sesame oil, it is worthwhile, but some factories of Hawthorn and Ardeh may mix other oils that question the value of sesame and sesame oil.