Building stone

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Among the materials used in the production of buildings; It is a stone. Rocks are a relic of thousands of years of pressure and heat of the earth's inner layers to lime and sediment.

There are more than a hundred types of natural stone, but only a few types in particular can be used as building stones.
Stones used for construction; They must be resistant to heat and climate change. Have a reasonable price.

They are resistant to abrasion and bending due to excessive passage on them and have a good beauty and color. Stones that have these properties are suitable for use in the building and its various parts.

Application and use of building stone
Building stones have many uses. But in a general division, they are used in 3 parts of the building: the inner part of the building, the outer part of the building and also as a decorative stone.

Use of building stone in the interior:
In the interior of the building, natural stones are used in the floor and walls. Depending on the type of stone, it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bathroom (on the floor and walls or as a stone bathtub), in the bedroom floor, hall floor, stairs, elevator frame, counter, etc. .

Use of building stone in the external part:
The main use of building stones in the exterior is to decorate the facade of the building. The entrance stairs are also decorated with these stones. For paving open spaces, especially terraces, natural stones are very beautiful and give it a special color and polish.