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Exports of gaskets and gaskets with a span of 28 in different colors, specially for bottles of mineral water, juices, dough, soft drinks, oil and ...


How to make plastic bottle lid:

The most common methods for producing plastic bottle caps are injection molding and pressure injection molding. In the following, we introduce the rotary pressure compression method:

The production of plastic bottle caps in a rotating compression molding technique, is now a well-known technology all over the world. In this method, the thermosetting material is placed inside pre-heated molds and, with the molding closed, the material forms the bottle cap and opens the mold when the mold is cooled down.

More than 65% of the world's beverage bottles are produced by compression. Lower production costs and better product quality are among the most important features of this production method.


Quality Control:

Quality control of these products is an easy and automatic process. An electronic eye can be pulled out and extruded immediately after detecting any defect, without stopping it in the production process.


energy saving:

The production process takes place at low temperatures, resulting in less energy for heating the plastic and less cooling energy. In this method, compared with other bottles production methods, the total energy consumed is reduced to about 50%.


More beautiful appearance

There are no bulges from the injection site on the product, which makes it look prettier.

Other advantages of this method include:

In the production process of these products by injection method, a hotbed system is needed, the new system does not require a specific system, and the deformation to the final product is quickly made and the waste of raw materials is less.

- Replacing the parts of the machine is easy, which makes it easier to maintain the machine and save time.


After the initial piece has been manufactured, several operations must be performed on it to form the final part of the bottle cap.

This operation is very sensitive and should be performed immediately after the door is manufactured. The first step in removing the edge formed by the thermal forming of the doors is by the Folding Machine.

After the above step, turning and threading should be done on the piece to open and close a comfortable and secure door.


After these steps, the door is opened on the outer wall of the bottle to open and close it.

All the steps described above are high-speed and with the least waste of energy and raw materials, and the efficiency of this method will be high.