Asian Pink Kotto Decor Tiles

Asian Pink Kotto Decor Tiles

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Asia Tile Company started its activity in 2000 with a nominal capacity of 3,000,000 square meters of wall and floor tile.

Asia Tile Co., with continuous innovations in the best tile design with world-renowned designs as well as tile sizes, is inspired by modern European architectures and digital printing capabilities to meet the wide range of customers' tastes.

Asian tile manufacturing sizes for all environments include:

50 * 20, 60 * 30, 60 * 60, 50 * 50, 40 * 40, 30 * 30, 25 * 25, 90 * 30 cm.

The company's future development plan, using the most modern European machinery and designs of the day, includes the production of glazed porcelain tiles to cover all internal and external spaces and facades of buildings, as well as the production of the best tile with a length of up to 120 cm .