Iranian exports of cumin

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Plant cumin is two-year-old with a height of 30 to 80 centimeters, its root is spiny and fleshy, its stem is pale and transparent, its leaves are green, and the upper part of the stem has a short petiole, the end It grows like a dagger, the inflorescence of its umbrella and its flowers are small and white, and its fruit is oval in dark brown or yellowish and translucent.

Underwater is a souvenir of Kerman, and it is referred to in ancient books as it is (commune). Its primary hometown is Kerman, where its kind of black has been grown there. You are mostly on the banks of the rivers and its agriculture does not require much water.

It has a variety of colors, including black, green, white, yellow, brown and gray. Its seeds are elliptical and long. Generally, the types of cumin contain a volatile oily substance, which combines several effective and effective substances such as tannin, resin, calamus, alcohol and a few nitrogen compounds.


Cumin properties:

The cumin is the same as the Kerman cumin. Two-year-old plant with hollow stems and green and striped leaves with an oval-shaped fruit half-cm long with brown-colored black-and-white garlic.

- Cumin, tartar and stomach.

- It has been shown to be effective in increasing milk and regular menstruation, as it is used in the lactation drops, which is a herbal drug for increasing the milk of newborn women.

- It is useful for removing inflammation of the skin.

Eating this fruit will also eliminate body odor by increasing the amount of sweat.


The amount of cumin is recommended to 20 grams. Cumin can be found in various spices and seasonings, but the use of crested grains in its food can also be useful for our stomach. Also, we can use the fruits of cumin uncooked in foods like chicken broth and chicken, as the cumin grinds down its benefits. Also, chewing cumin after a meal causes bad breath.


Cumin properties:

Green cumin is also used in Iran in areas like Khorasan and Tabriz. A plant is one year old that is used more than its fruit, which is a crescent and colored green or gray. Cumin in Germany with bread and in Holland is mixed with cheese and has a warm taste.

Green cumin also has properties like black cumin. Other features of cumin include:

- Tumbled spike cumin is used to relieve toothache.

- Green cumin is useful for the stomach, it is anti-inflammatory and a stomach.

- It is also used to increase urine.

Tailing the cumin to prevent nose or eye bleeding.

- The amount of cumin consumption should be about one tenth of black cumin.


Cumin Properties:

The location of cumin is not in Iran. Its fruit is shaped and shaped like other types of cumin but larger and has a yellowish-brown color, and it looks like a dandelion.

Like other types of cumin, it is very warm, it's anti-fluff and tartar and helps digestion.

- It is very useful for the liver and it helps in eliminating toxins and bites of toxic animals.

- Also a boiled cumin root is very useful for relieving pain.

The consumption of cumin is 20 grams, and the warmth of the temperate people should be lower and consumed with vinegar.


Generally cumin is useful for preventing fertility, which is why it is not advisable for men to consume excessively, because they reduce sperm production. But it is useful for women, because it prevents the uterus and ovaries, and prevents the infection of these organs and reduces menstrual pain. For this reason, especially the use of sweat cumin for slimming, is not recommended to men. But in order to use the sweat of the celeriac for slimming, it would have to dissolve half an ounce of cinnamon powder in water once and every day.

Eating cumin also helps treat illnesses such as hemorrhoids, gout, and fatty lipids, but it can be helpful in reducing the severity of pregnancy, but it should be used with caution during pregnancy because of the abortion of cumin.


So, with proper consumption and instead of cumin, we will improve our health and our family.