Iranian Export Lavkaz

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The easiest and most commonly used method is to cook the thickened nymphs under the rolling sun, so that they first take the fruit extract, mix it with delicious flavors and then make it very thin like bread. To date, today, due to air pollution, lack of adequate sunshine in homes and other reasons, such as radiators, heaters, ovens, etc., are also used to prepare lavash.


Usually, in order to make lavash, fruits such as plums, plums, apricots, caissons, pomegranate, kiwi, barberry or a combination of several fruits are used, and Lavash is abundantly found in sour, sweet and delicious flavors depending on the fruits used. Gets


Apricot lavkaz

The apricot lobster, as its name suggests, is a sweet summer flavor. This lavash is very popular and has a bright brown color. Some people use apricot blend of fruits with other fruits, such as plum and etc., to stale the taste of apricot. Finally, they will have a mucous mucus.


Plum lavash

Plum blossom is one of the most delicious and delicious types of lavash.

If you wish, you can use the blend of red and cherry plums together to make sour burgers. Also, if you like sweet taste for lavash, you can use fruits such as apple, peach, apricot, and so on.


Green Tomatoes (Lavender)

The spring season, where green tomatoes are found everywhere, is the best time to prepare one of the most delicious and sourish lavashas, ​​the green tomatoes. You need very little raw material to make green tomatoes, which in some cities are also called lemonades. Green tomato burger has a sour taste and delicious taste.


Pomegranate Lavash

Pomegranate lavash like green tomato marmalade and plum lavash is one of the sour mistletoe, and usually comes in the fall season when pomegranates are found to be abundant and stored for other seasons. Since the taste of the pomegranate juice is much more intense, some people use other substances such as apples to stale the flavor of these lemonades. Others also make it mixed with barberry for the sourness of the pomegranate lavash.


Kiwi Lupus

Kiwi Lupus is a variety of sour burgers, which has a beautiful green color. It can be prepared in two cooked and raw forms, and some sugar can be used to balance its sour taste.


Watermelon lavash

Watermelon lavender is a healthy and delicious snack that can be cooked at home, and is an attractive option for parties at the party.


Cherry Lavra

The summer season, with a huge variety of fruits, is the best time to make a lot of homemade mussels and store them for long winter nights. Sour sour and delicious is one of the most popular summer fruits that can be used in a variety of ways. Varieties of cherry jam, dried cherry, cherry pickles and, most importantly, delicious and delicious cherry lavash.


Cherry larvae

Some people do not have a good average taste with sour taste and prefer not to eat snacks and snacks like lavash. These batches can be used to make sweet snacks, like cherry lizards, and enjoy their enjoyment. If you want, you can make cherry larvae in combination with other fruits, such as prune, to have a sweet flavor.


Nile Lacoste

Lalacillus is less common than other types of lavash, which may be due to the high price of this fruit as well as its rarerness than other fruits. Lilac has a sweet taste and bright color, and sometimes it is used to make nylon and peach blend.


Barberry Lavash

Barberry is the most sour and most colorful lavash in all types of domestic larvae. Barberry bristles are also produced using fresh barberry and red dwarf barberry, both of which are laborious and laborious, but worth the tasty result. You can enjoy the wonderful properties of this unique plant with the help of barberry barberry.


Blueberry lavender

Blueberry lavender has a sour taste and delicious flavor.


Apple lavash

Apple Lavash has a sweet and delicious flavor.