Malt extract powder

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Malt extract powder is one of the derivatives of oat that is obtained by powdering the malt extract from the malt (spray and sprouted barley).

Due to enzymatic properties, flavoring power, color and nutritional value, this product is of great interest in the world.

Vitamins in this product, especially vitamin B, also increase the nutritional value of it.

Malt extract powder contains sucrose, maltose, dextrin, protein and other nutrients and vitamins.

One of the uses of powdered malt extract in the food industry.

The product is used in confectionery, fermented crackers, biscuits, caramels, sweets, cereals and milk.


Vitamins Malt extract

Vitamin Quantity (mg / g)
Vitamin B1 5.4-5.6
Vitamin B2 2-4
Vitamin PP 90-130
Vitamin B6 6-8
Pentotinic Acid 5.5
Biotin 17%

Chemical decomposition of condensed malt extract

Maltose 40-60
Dexterine 20-30
Protein 5
Ash 5.1
Water 20-25