Iran Parsley Export

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Parsley vegetables are at the head of exports to Russia, and there are now consultations to increase the export basket of Iran and Russia, which is expected to increase in 1995.

Green Trade Message Co., Ltd., is proud to announce the requirement for exporters and sellers of parsley and dill for export and sale of fresh and high quality fresh and fresh daisies.

Parsley is one of the most popular vegetable vegetables among Russian peoples. These two types of leafy vegetables produced in provinces such as Dezful, Lorestan and Bushehr, in addition to fresh produce in the pharmaceutical and processing industries, are also expanding, due to the high demand The country of Russia, as well as the European countries, send Iran's high quality Iranian parsley to annual export figures from the customs, which is an opportunity to profit from each other's cooperation.

Parsley is found in automobile and semi-automobile and in different areas. Grown in most parts of the country.

Cultivation of this plant is possible in any climatic condition, but it produces the best in cool weather.

The time of sowing parsley is in large vegetables and in temperate areas in the spring and sometimes in autumn, the parsley is in rows between 15 and 20 cm on the row. The spacing between rows in mechanized crops is 25 cm.

Parsley fruits from early August to September, rooting in November and harvesting leaves from mid May to mid-November.