Iranian Export Cucumbers

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Cucumber is a herb that is planted in Iran vastly. This plant is a part of the Codoban and is special to India, which covers a variety of types. Cucumber is white and green. Most likely cucumber is native to Asia and Africa and has been planted for thousands of years.

The high production capacity of the country in Iran is ranked third in world cucumber production.

One of Iran's agricultural exports is cucumber. Although criticisms of exporting sugar and naming it as a virtual export of water, cucumber exports have continued to grow more or less in recent years. Iran now pays to Russia a sum of major exporters of garden products and vegetables.

The main product of Iran's greenhouses is greenhouse cucumber, which has a good market for export.

The annual production of more than two million tons of cucumbers is ranked third in the global production of this product, which is spring production of this product in Jiroft and Kahnuj, Poldokhtar, Dareh Shahr, Nahavand, Sar-i-Pul Zahab, Golestan province and greenhouse products, and in summer It is also produced in most parts of the country. Major cucumber production is also available in the cities of Dezful, Chahar Abad (Fars province), Varamin and greenhouses. In winter, this product is also harvested in Jiroft, Kahnoj, Dezful, Bandar Abbas, and greenhouse products.

About 27,000 tons of cucumber is exported annually to Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Sweden, Kuwait, the Netherlands and Russia, and it has been investing in the fields of seed production of hybrid cultivars, packaging and export development.