Iranian Export Melons

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About 10000 tons of this product are exported abroad, which are the main destinations of Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Austria, Sweden, Iraq and Kuwait.
Negin Zegh Trading Company, 1395, as the first exporter of melon exports, has made efforts to export melon to Khorasan, and has obtained the necessary defects to export it so that, when these problems are solved by the relevant organs, it is hoped that in the coming years Exports of Khorasan melon as a melon of Iran will reach the acceptable point.
The bugs to export are as follows:
1) The absence of a refrigerator for packaging and product suspect
2) The lack of the necessary equipment for this product
3) The absence of knowledgeable individuals or organs for the sourcing of melons
4) The lack of a carton or basket suitable for exporting melons in the area
It is hoped that with the state support and efforts of the people of the Khorasan melon region, which is more related to Torbat Jam and Taybad, one of the best melons in the world, due to its special flavors and sweetness, can be placed on the list of Iranian fruit exports.
The best packaging is in cartons of different size and size. The use of special foam is also a great help in the beautifully packed and healthy reach of the product.