Iranian Pistachio Export

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Green Business Message Trading Company is ready to export and supply pistachio, Ahmad Aghaee, Akbari and Fandouki. It is worth noting that it is possible to enter into contracts with Iranian and foreign companies in the form of LCs and even deliveries in the destination country. Most of the pistachio exports are now in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and China. In recent years, organic pistachios have always been a popular product to send to Europe. Package type depending on customer order.


Pistachio Pistachio is a tropical fruit full of Persian, with its tree in the form of massive forests in northeastern Iran, especially the border between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The pistachio tree has gone from Iran to other parts, especially to the Mediterranean coast (southern Europe and north Africa). Pistachio is a tree that reaches about 5 meters in height, the leaves of this alternating tree are composed of 2 to 3 leaflets with a pointed tip with a bright green color and the leaves are clustered. The pistachio tree is resistant to extreme cold in winter and high summer heat, but it is not compatible with weather and humidity. Unlike almonds and roundwood, pistachio is a bipedal tree, the male and female are separated from each other. Pistachios are from fruits that are a fertile year, and the next year is less expensive. Currently, Iranian pistachios are named after the historic, transportation and production area called Hamam. Like Pistachio Damghani, Qazvini, Ravari, Sabzevari and Qomi. Of course, it should be noted that in addition to the mentioned pistachios, there are also divisions based on the shape, and such cultivars as Momtaz (Smile), Baluchi, White Pistachio, Rhubarb, Pistachio and Pineapple Green. These various pistachio varieties have different arrival times and are classified into early and late types, with early-late-late and late late arrivals in early October.

The pistachio family is 75 genera and 600 species, of which 9 species are edible. Among the most important species in Iran are Pistachio vera, Pistachio motica and Pistachio khinjuck. Of the various countries producing pistachios, only seven products are commercially traded, with a total of approximately 300,000 tons of pistachio production in the world, Iran ranked first and second, and third, respectively. Currently, Kerman province and Rafsanjan region with 3.81% of the total area under fertilized trees are the largest pistachio region in Iran and the world. The most important cultivars of Kerman pistachios: Oohadi, Kaleh Qouchi, Akbari, Fandoghi, White Pole, Amiri, Thisty And jandaghi.

The pistachio was named after Anacardiacae in 1737 by a person named Lina from Spain. The Latin word Pistacia is derived from the name Piste or Peste. Psychoanalysis Dr. Fanlari regards the word Pistachio from the people of the northern part of Khorasan and the term "pistachio" is an ancient Persian word derived from the dialect of peoples located in the southern Khorasan province of Kishan.


Description of pistachio variety


Pistachio Akbari:

One of the commercial pistachio cultivars is the highest economic value. The fruits are almond-shaped, tender and coarse. The characteristics of this cultivar are the high growth of dense leaves, the vast surface of the leaf, a large, long, and long crop that can be harvested in the third decade of September. Akbari Pistachio has a very sturdy and compact wood.


Rhubarb Pasta:

The correctness of the honey-shaped fruit and the good performance of this variety has fueled its reputation and spread. This figure is sensitive to the shortage of water and food, and most of the leaves are 5-leaf compound, and the end leaf is larger than the side leaflets. The digit is too early and, therefore, is more vulnerable to the risk of late-spring cold and its damage. This figure can be taken in the second decade of the month of September and is among the middle clay figures.


Hazelnut Pistachio

Currently, the highest level of cultivation of pistachio gardens in the country is from this figure, and the highest production in the country is Fandoghi. Depending on the weather conditions, it can be taken from the first of September to the end of September. Haddaghi is a shrub and its tree is less heavier than other varieties. It is commercially very valuable for export.


Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei:

The almond family has this type of variety in a great market inside and outside, and its brain has a special redness than other cultivars. Ahmad Aghaei has a lot of nugget consumption compared to other pistachio cultivars.


Green Pistachio Brain:

It is made from the Pistachio or Pure Cranberry and is used in sweets and chocolate industry due to its special flavor. Green type packed in different classes.