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The fruits of the day are old, a fruit that comes from a tree that is part of the palm tree and is cultivated in subtropical and tropical regions.

This fruit is a flavor of various types of vitamins, including E-C-B-A, also contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium, each of which plays a vital role in human health. This fruit is also anticancer for magnesium, it is also useful for hearing, sight, back pain, joint pain, chest and lung treatment.

The use of this fruit in Ramadan is recommended because of its nutritional value, it will compensate for reduced sugar during fasting, due to its fiber and its laxity, digestive system due to fasting It is motionless, it drives mobility.

Due to magnesium, the date strengthens the muscular energy of the body and enhances the general body's strength and enhances memory due to the presence of phosphorus and magnesium.