Cole Sewage Well

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Cullet and colliation are used to drill water and sewage wells to prevent dirt from falling into it.

What is a sewage well?

Cullet and colliation are used to drill water and sewage wells to prevent dirt from falling into it.

In history, it is not clear exactly which Cole has come from life, but for many years, Cole has been in various forms and different sexes, and has always been implicitly mentioned in history. For example, somewhere in the book of God Alamut was in the castle of Hassan Sabah, or in the Safavid era, there was a place to water the buildings of the square but Khomeini in Isfahan.


In a colouration process and a Chinese crown of sewage wells, they make cubes of cement and place the cowls to cover the well completely. The cocks laid out by increasing the strength of the wells prevent the wells from falling. In addition to increasing the life of a well, a well-worn well is the first day.


Of course, they use coves to construct the aqueduct, as they tighten the aqueduct tunnels with cole.


What is the purpose of cooling the well?

Houses that have a life span of more than 30 years can be lost every time. There are two modes for the old wells, or a little well is lost from the rod itself, and we can blow the well or fall very badly and completely ruined, then you have to fill the well and dig another well instead Made Wells that can be repaired. The technicians work with the drainage and rebuild the well.

In general, the use of cole is well suited to the well and has many benefits, since in addition to preventing soil loss, it prevents soil from entering the water.


Cole Types in Well Drainage:

Cole are usually concrete and depending on the type of well, we have two types of cole:

1 - Round cole (rod)

2- Cole Ellipse (Storage)


Round cole

Standard diameter cubes are typically 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm, with a height of 25 cm, the diameter of each concrete side of the cole is 5 cm. Each of the four blocks of the coul is equal to one meter, which is drilled well, according to the magnitude.


Cole Ellipse

We can reinforce the cowls with a spring strap that retains its shape when it is left unconsolidated or damaged.


What is the difference between Cole and rebar?

It is recommended to use more belts, because the price of the cole rebar is higher and not cost effective. It also takes a lot of time to bend the rebar and close the two ends to place in the mold.


How to cohesive well?

To open the well, they open the cavities one by one into the well. This is done from the bottom to the top. Columns, like a pillar for wells, protect the well against shrinkage. By building the column the strength of the column will be increased.


Cultivation and well drainage companies

Coling is the responsibility of well-drainage companies. Other companies do the same, but the most important director of the company is the well drainage company. One of the main activities of well-drainage companies. You might think that collation is easy, but it's better to know that this is not so simple, as it requires a lot of experience, even some wells do not blow away. Against non-technical people are those who experience unconsciousness. If the culling is not done properly, after a while the well may drop again and the lives of many people are at risk. If you need a colocation, you can do it through companies that provide well-drainage services.