What is cargo

What is cargo

What is cargo?

Cargo and ferry services are also a kind of cargo service, but differ from Tehran's carriage services or the Tehran bus. The difference between the two cases is that they are packed and shipped and shipped abroad.

In such a way, they use the services in transit times who want to go abroad and take out their belongings from the country. But Cargo is different, these services are said to be used to send commercial charges sent by special airplanes to overseas countries, which are said to be commonly used by international traders and traders.

As you have learned, airlift is divided into two categories: Ferrite (for passengers) and Cargo (for Merchants).

In fact, traders or companies that work with foreign companies and have a better term in terms of exporting and importing goods are using carnivorous services. Of the special Kargo airplanes used in air lines, Ilyushin IL-76, Beluga and Athenonov 225 can be mentioned.

At the moment, like Tehran's ferry companies or Freight Services, there are several cargoes that deal with the transportation of goods and goods from Iran to various countries such as China, Turkey and India, or vice versa. they do. Of course, airline companies (like Iran Air and Mahan) also have cargos services.

Therefore, unlike the cargo services of Tehran and the companies in the field of barbari in Tehran or cargo transportation services to the city, today services such as Cargo are provided by several companies due to their importance and sensitivity, and thus, businessmen or commercial companies They can negotiate with their custodians and get in touch with the offices of these companies.

Some Cargo service companies also have restrictions on carrying cargoes and goods and some items (unlike the services of the Tehran shipping companies or the airport, which usually have all or most of the overwhelming load and luggage inside or outside From Tehran) can not carry your destination. Because they are in violation of their work policies and their internal rules. For example, they carry fluids, some medicines or live animals.

Also, note that these services are also calculated as frit-bar, in kilograms.

Typically, a few steps are done for the cowboy, and can be summed up and summarized in the following:

- Make sure you have the right packaging from the Cargo Service Company.

- Carefully check or calculate the specifications of your goods (such as weight and dimensions).

- Request the shipping of your cargo and cargo to the Cargo Service Provider.

- Cowboy payment

- Perform the required administrative procedures and finally receive the invoice

- Delivery of goods and goods

- Finally, after the arrival of the cargoes to the destination to track the load

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