?What foods can be made with dates

?What foods can be made with dates

What foods can be made with dates?


The holy month of Ramadan is a time when fasting people should provide high-calorie foods with the energy they need for midday hours. This month, coinciding with the hot days of the year, you can enjoy delicious desserts and delicious desserts such as daisies, chissaway and date cakes.

Desserts that prevent you from feeling heavy in your stomach and providing you with long hours of body work. Come along with us to get acquainted with these desserts and recipes:


Date palms

Qisawam is a desert date for Azerbaijani, which can be used in three meals. This dessert is accompanied by eggs for breakfast and feast. For lunch, you can also take it with rice and mix it with diced walnuts for dinner. The date palm is easy to form and prepare easily, but instead has a gourmet flavor.

The way to prepare this meal is as follows:


Items needed:

Non-core dates 40

Chopped walnuts 60 g

Four pieces of walnuts are 10 pcs

Eggs 2 pcs

Grilled butter 60 g

1 tablespoon milk soup

Chopped pistachio 60 g

Cinnamon powder 1 tsp


How to prepare:

First, heat the oven at 180 ° for 15 minutes.

2. Insert a quarter of the walnut inside each date instead of the core. Then place the dates alongside each other in a refractory container (Pyrex). Note that there are no problems in setting up a few rows of dates on one another.

3- Mix one egg and milk and mix the sauce on the dates and fill the intervals between the dates with crushed walnuts to achieve uniformity.

4. Place the dish for 10 minutes on the middle floor of the oven and then bring it back out of the oven.

5- Mix the second egg first with a fork and then pour on the dates. Place the dish again in the oven to cook the same grade for another 5 minutes.

6. After removing the dishes of dates, pour dipped oyster on the water and decorate it with pistachio and cinnamon powder.




Items needed:

Roast or dates 500 g

Wheat flour 2 glasses equivalent to 500 g

The walnut brain is four times as desired

Butter or oil 200 g

Powdered half a teaspoon spinach

Powdered sugar or pistachio powder to decorate

Cinnamon half a teaspoon


How to prepare:

Pour butter or oil into the oven to warm. Add the wheat flour to the oil and stir with a spoon under constant medium heat to make the flour red. Be careful that high temperatures cause burning and smelling flour. Also, wholemeal flour will give you a better taste.

2. After flour, add flour, flour, and cinnamon powder to the mixture and add oil. Take the frying pan out with gas a little.

3. Insert the quarter of the walnut inside the dates into the dates and press it with the hand, then place the dates together in another container.

4- Put the flour and butter mixture on the dates until it covers the entire surface.

5. Place the colored container in the refrigerator for one hour to make it firm. Then, with any desired amount of pistachios and sugar powder, decorate the surface of the container.


Dezful Chives:

The production of muffins is not limited to the northern part of the country. In southern Iran and in Dezful, a delicious pancake cooked with palm flavor has many fans. Pasta and fresh texture, along with dates and cumin, make it an energetic snack for hot days of the year, especially the holy month of Ramadan.


Items needed:

Ingredients for 22 pieces of muffins

Flour 1 kilo

Milk 400 g

Water 100 grams

Salt 1 teaspoonful

Sugar 1 tbsp

400 g without core

Fresh dough liquid 42 g or powdered dough 1 tbsp

Liquid oil to the extent necessary

Cumin is really 3-4 tbsp

Cumin powder 1 teaspoonful

Cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon spoon


How to prepare:

Mix the flour and cumin together and add some liquid oil to it. The amount of oil should be so high that the flour is only moist and the mixture is shaped like crumb. This combination is better, 8 o'clock for 9 hours.

2. Put the cumin and cinnamon powder together with a spoon of butter on a gentle heat and warm a little. Then add dates to them. After the cooled, mix and make small pieces of walnuts.

3. The sugar and the half-warmed milk are mixed and then add the dough liquid to them. After 5 minutes, add this mixture to flour and dough. If necessary, we will also dip a small amount of water to make it uniform and non-sticky. This dough requires 1 to 2 hours of rest.

4. Divide the resulting paste into 20 small chin. Then, place each chin a little with a hand and put a bullet into it, and then collect the dough. After that, we put the dough on the board, with the push of a hand, we spread it again. If you wish, you can use different shapes for a muffin with a heart or a knife.

5. Place the paste in a suitable distance from the tray and make the holes in it with your fork. You can also use various templates to make your favorite shapes on muffins.

6. Apply some egg yolks with special brushes to the cookies.

Heat the oven for ten minutes at 180 ° C and then place the tray for 15 minutes.

8. If your oven is equipped with a cooking grill, you can also turn on the element for renneting the cookie surface after turning off the flame for a minimum of 4 to 5 minutes.


date cake

The snacks made from dates are not limited to cookies and halvah. With dates you can even make cakes.


Materials required:

Chopped dates of a modem

Raisin three quarters of a pound

Baking soda a teaspoon

One-Minute Beverage

Butter or liquid oil two tablespoons

One-Minute Sugar

Egg One Number

R one and one third modulus

Vanilla one eighth teaspoon

Chopped walnut one third of the pod


How to prepare:

1) Mix the chopped dates with raisins, kettles and water jams. Cover the container with a cloth and put it away.

2. In another container, mix the sugar and the butter until a cream solution is found. Then add the egg and vanilla to this mixture and mix them well with a spoon or stirrer.

3- Stir the flour twice and add to the second mixture. Simultaneously mixing the mix with the addition of flour with a slow stirrer. Then add the crushed walnuts to the liquid.

4. Now add the contents of the first dish (dates, raisins, and boiled boiled) to the dough flour and continue to mix until the liquid is smooth and smooth.

5- Put the cake in a suitable mold and place it at 170 ° C for about 30 minutes. The perfect template for this 20cm cake is empty.

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