Customs Clearance of Saffron

Customs Clearance of Saffron

Customs Clearance of Saffron


Do you know that Iran has more than 95% of saffron production in the world and exports it to 45 countries. Annually, about 250 tons of saffron are produced in the world, 230 of which belong to Iran.

Do you know that in August 95, seven tons and 252 kg of saffron were exported from the country.


Permissions to export saffron

Do you know that export of various types of saffron requires licensing from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran. Health certificates from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and quarantine of livestock and crops are also required, as requested by saffron buyers.

How to determine the export price of saffron:

The exporter must refer to the rating committee to determine the price of its export goods.

If you are looking for higher profits, export saffron in a package of less than 30 grams.

The most frequent purchases of saffron from Iran were Spain, America, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Argentina, the United Kingdom and Germany in 2011.

According to the latest news in August 95, China has banned the import of Iranian saffron.


Export method of saffron from Iran to India

Exports of bulk saffron in packages of more than 30 grams with the tariff number 09102090 are subject to payment of 4% of export duties. Also, India's entrance fee for Iranian imports of saffron is 30%.


Saffron Clearance Method from Dubai Customs

If you do not have a history of exporting saffron, the country's customs are more sensitive at the clearance stage and do not necessarily need to own a brand. Usually, you get 30 grams of cargo as a sample for testing, and they will issue clearance upon approval.


The trading message of the trading company is looking green to clear the types of saffron, including:

Clear the saffron bunch or girl screw

Clearance of Sahar Saffron

Sorghum Saffron Clearance

Clearance of Saffron Negin


Come along with us if you are looking for a saffron ...


Documents that are required to visit the customs when clearing the saffron:

Saffron Exporter Exporter

Issue License

Packing list

Bill of health

Certified quarantine of livestock and vegetable

Standard Certificate

Letter of Attorney or Letter of Attorney to Saffron to the Customs


Tailor Declaration for Saffron Export

1. Saffron exporter specifications

2. Specification of Saffron

3. Specifications of the buyer

4. Country of issue

5. Country of origin

6. Terms of the transaction

7. Specifications of the carrier and the source of the load

8. Specification of saffron in terms of type, weight, tariff, amount or value and export value of saffron

9. Specifications of cargo (packages, quantity, type of package, mark, weight with container)


11. The customs office of the place of lodgment of the declaration and the number and specification of the application for registration at the customs office for the purpose of sealing and approval of the customs and customs authorities


Customs Tariff for clearance of saffron

Customs tariffs for saffron types in packaging less than 10 grams are 09102011.

Customs Tariff is a variety of saffron powder in packaging less than 10 grams, 09102012.

Customs Tariff is a variety of saffron in packaging of less than 30 grams 09102013.

Customs Tariff is a variety of saffron powder in packaging less than 13 grams, 09102014.

The customs tariff for all kinds of saffron in packing over 30 grams is 09102090.


** For information on customs clearance, please contact Saffron at 989332990102

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